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IKT2010-Grunnleggende IKT-forskning

Reliable And Secure Communication (RASC), Abroad Stay.

Tildelt: kr 0,13 mill.

We refer to the general description of the project in the application 146874/420 (RASC), where we have a general description of the whole project. John Erik Mathiassen already work within the topic: "Analysis and design of secure, fast and practical encry ption algorithms". These algorithms is especially important in keeping the confidentiality of information in communication or data storage. There is two kinds of algorithms stream ciphers and blockciphers. Both are widely used in internett applications a nd communication and data storage both in private as well as in corporations and governmental institutions. Analysis and design of blockciphers will be the main topic of John Erik Mathiassens thesis. A stay abroad is important to strengthen our internati onal research collaborations, as well as giving the possibility of joint papers. The Technical University of Denmark and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven have a very good reputation within the academic cryptographic community. John Erik Mathiassen already have 4 accepted and one submitted papers in international journals and conference proceedings, and another one abstract at a conference in Chicago. John Erik Mathiassen's reason for applying is that he wants to bring his family. This is of great importan ce since his wife is pregnant and expect a child during the stay. At the time of application we did not know who would be the candidate accepted for the position, and therefore we did not know that the candidate had a family.


IKT2010-Grunnleggende IKT-forskning

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