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SIPNKOMP-SIP-NHD: Andre nasjonalt viktige kompetansefelt

Integrated Innovation

Tildelt: kr 5,4 mill.

The principal objective is to examine barriers and possibilities for increased innovation in industry. The focus is on integrated innovation, and based on the following postulate as a main point of departure: A better integration of actors with different expertise, skills, interests and geographical/political/administrative positions can strengthen innovation. Important research questions are: How may increased integration promote the exploration of new business opportunities, new products, services, eff ective work processes, better production technology, better organisations, HSE, better learning processes, more effective supply chains, open supplier – customer relations and the conquest of new international markets? How may SME’s increase their coopera tion with R&D institutes and vice versa? How may enterprises better utilize the business environment at different levels; enterprise, network, value chain and regional partnership? How may international benchmarking of networks and partnerships be used to identify new opportunities? The principal objective of the SIP will be realised through the following actions: • Analyses of empirical data and results from several research projects at RF from the following programs: TEFT, MOBI, SkatteFUNN, PULS, MAROFF , PETROMAX, IRC/EU, ED 2000 and especially Value Creation 2010 (VC 2010). Additionally relevant international/Nordic results, like NEX, will be analysed. • Create new knowledge about different approaches to innovation and learning in co-operation with RF’ s national, international/Nordic partners, networks and regional partnerships that we cooperative with, especially in VC 2010. • Make this knowledge applicable and accessible locally, regionally, nationally and internationally through the above mentioned and other forthcoming programs like “Forskningsbasert Kompetansemegling” (research based competence mediation). Main ways of knowledge diffusion from the SIP will be presentations, papers and articles.


SIPNKOMP-SIP-NHD: Andre nasjonalt viktige kompetansefelt


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