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AKLIMED-Klinisk medisin

Development of methodology and equipment for assessing postural stability during standing and walking

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2005 - 2006

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Finegrained methods are needed to assess postural stability during standing and walking. Such measures must be reliable, valid and easy to use under real life conditions. The Balance and Gait Unit, University of Bergen is a member of the EC thematic netwo rk Prevention of Falls Network Europe (PROFANE) and is engaged in developing and applying bodyworn sensors and other ambulatory methods for assessing balance and gait. Section of Geriatric Medicine, St. Olavs Hospital/NTNU and Rikshospitalet University Ho spital are engaged in projects utilising similar methodological approach. Based on previous and ongoing research by the cooperating groups in collaboration with SINTEF, Department of Applied Cybernetics, the principal objective is to objectively assess lo comotor control in clinical populations, by adapting and applying commercially available state-of-the-art technology developed for governing movement of aerial and nautical objects. The project is aimed at updating and further develop measures currently u sed by the groups to assess postural stability by combining the methodological expertise of PROFANE and the Bergen group with the clinical expertise of the Trondheim and Oslo groups, in a collaborating network. The network will expand ongoing engagement w ith SINTEF-Dept. of Applied Cybernetics to improve user interface and data logging solutions by also including the application of new technology. Funding from NFR is applied for to cover R&D services from SINTEF and necessary networking to fulfil the obje ctives. Combined with measures from other ambulatory instruments used by the networking groups, the results from this project may improve and expand the applicability of present methodology significantly. Thus the ground may be prepared for further Norweg ian participation in a future pan-European intervention study planned by PROFANE, where state-of-the-art ambulatory methodologies are needed.


AKLIMED-Klinisk medisin

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