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BEMATA-Beregningsorientert matematikk i anv.

Pressure-Based Hybrid Flux Splitting Schemes for Compressible Flows

Tildelt: kr 1,4 mill.

Multiphase flow simulations is a field of practical interest both to the petroleum industry (transport of oil and gas) and the nuclear industry (cooling of reactors). The main goal of this project is to develop improved numerical methods for the mathemati cal models describing such flows. To ensure a continuous high production of oil in Norway, it becomes increasingly important to develop new reliable and cost-efficient techniques to maintain profitability of existing fields. A current strategy, being th e focus of research activities by (among others) ABB and Norsk Hydro, is automatic control systems for flow apparatus (chokes, valves etc) to counter or reduce flow-related instabilities causing strain on the process facilities. Automatic control apparat us is dependent on real-time information and this implies strict requirements on the efficiency of computer models used to simulate the development of instabilities in transient multiphase flows. Current industry standard computer codes were developed for design purposes where efficiency is a less important issue. New applications of such codes present new challenges, challenges that current industrial simulators can not handle in a satisfactory manner. The objective of the project is to develop a new cl ass of accurate, robust and efficient computational methods for solving the mathematical models describing multiphase flows in reservoirs and pipelines. The project builds upon previous research efforts by RF Rogaland Research where new computational tech niques were developed and applied with success to simplified multiphase flow problems. These techniques, denoted as "MF methods" will be refined with the aim of them demonstrably being able to simulate pipeline operations more accurately and reliably than current industrial methods.


BEMATA-Beregningsorientert matematikk i anv.

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