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F-KJEM-Naturvitenskap, kjemi

Participation in IEA Annex 16

Tildelt: kr 19 455

Norway have been participating in in IEA Annex 11 (Cooperative Research on Polymer Fuel Cells). The second phase of this annex was terminated in December 2003, but a new Annex (Annex 16) has been established. Participation on the annex involves to parti cipate in meeting twice a year. Department of Materials Technology (IMT), NTNU, has been representing Norway in the previous Annex, and received support from NFR for this for 2003. IMT would like to participate in Annex 16 from 2004 and for three years, and is hence applying the Research Council of Norway for financial support to this participation. Specifically IMT apply fo a yearly support og 75 000 NOK for the two years (2005 and 2006).


F-KJEM-Naturvitenskap, kjemi

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