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Forprosjekt. SWIT - Subsea water injection and treatment

Tildelt: kr 99 999

The main objective of this R&D project is to develop a system for subsea water injection and treatment (SWIT). It will be designed to significantly reduce the cost of water injection into subsea reservoirs, thus contributing towards increased oil recovery (IOR). The project is a response to the authority’s goal of increasing recovery of oil from subsea developed fields. This goal is based on the fact that average recovery is low, currently around 35%. SWIT is a cost effective alternative in comparison t o doing water injection from existing platforms to subsea developed fields. Platform based solutions are often expensive to install due to limited space and weight capacity as well as high cost for injection flow lines. SWIT is a solution where the equip ment is placed on the seabed. It is based on a patented solution for water treatment. A SWIT systems main contributions towards cost effective IOR will be: • Reducing platform weight and simplifying the platform interface; • Eliminating injection flow li nes, thus, reducing cost and energy consumption; • Reducing drilling and installation cost. Finally, please note that the combination of subsea water injection and treatment is not a commercial available technology. Water injection and treatment is norma lly done from platforms, and there is no established state-of-the art technology known to us.


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