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MAROFF-Maritim virksomhet og offshore operasjoner

MEMSHIP - Integrated Shipboard Wastewater Treatment Systems using Membrane Technology

Tildelt: kr 3,0 mill.




2005 - 2009



The transport of passengers, cargo movements, and naval-based activities are heavily associated with regular voyages with estimates of about 40,000 ships of various kinds around the world. Wastewater generated onboard various considerably both in quantity and quality for the different types of vessels but can be defined as; black water (sewage), grey water and Oily Bilge water. A major challenge is to control shipboard waste to avoid marine pollution caused by shipboard activities. This project aims to develop and demonstrate an integrated membrane-based wastewater treatment system for merchant and passenger ships. MBR is proposed as the basis for such a system and the project will develop MBR concepts suitable to meet the challenges and requirements sp ecific for installation onboard ships. The project target is to develop treatment schemes which minimize the need for waste disposal or ideally has the potential for a near zero-discharge mode of operation. An added potential of this technology is to prod uce a treated effluent of high quality enabling recycling and reuse of the water for non-potable uses. The project is a joint venture between NTU-Singapore, NTNU-Norway and industrial partners from the two countries. The bulk of the work is proposed done by four PhD studies. Research activities will be undertaken in close collaboration and are divided into 4 areas; an evaluation and study of pre-treatment options before processing the wastewater in MBR systems (suspended and fixed biomass systems), and u ltimately treating the concentrate/sludge generated by the biological reactor in an endogenous decay mode for sludge minimization. Project deliverables include; - Characterization of shipboard wastewater - Evaluation of pretreatment options - Optimisatio n of performance, minimize membrane fouling and sludge production - Development of near zero-discharge system for treating shipboard wastewater - Development / implementation of new technology for ships


MAROFF-Maritim virksomhet og offshore operasjoner