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PULS-Tjenesteyting, handel og logistikk

Industrial services and innovation strategies in the knowledge intensive economy: mapping of players, roles, content, practices, and needs

Tildelt: kr 0,20 mill.

The service sector is growing and increasingly contributes to employment and revenue generation. The project proposal focuses on developing a preliminary platform that creates a basis to improve innovation and understanding of service processes and the pe rformance of service activities, as well as improving the understanding of services and their influence on revenue generation and innovation processes. The project activities includes: - Mapping of the servicescape in the Stavanger region. - Examining ind ustrial practices and the state of the art. - Studying possible service innovation improvement activities. - Analyzing the gap between current practices and future needs. - Developing a preliminary platform to facilitate better understanding of decision m aking-processes and planning. The results from the study will have implications on the Norwegian service sector and on R&D of service innovations, and provide a basis improving educational programs.


PULS-Tjenesteyting, handel og logistikk

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