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CLIMIT-Forskning, utvikling og demo av CO2-håndtering

CO2 Capture Project Phase 2 - The Norwegian Gas Power Case

Tildelt: kr 12,0 mill.





2005 - 2008



CCP2 is a continuation of the CCP project that received Klimatek funding 2000 - 2004. The CO2 Capture Project Phase 1, or CCP1, showed a potential for cost reduction for CO2 capture from a gas fired power station of Norway by 55 - 60% in terms of costs p er avoided ton of CO2. The incremental cost of electricity was reduced by 50%. CCP2 will take forward the promising technologies to a stage where they are ready for building a pilot and make significant advances in subsurface characterization of storage r eservoirs. This contract will include 1. The pre-combustion technologies Hydrogen Membrane Reformer (HMR, provider Norsk Hydro) and palladium Membrane Water Gas Shift (MWGS, provider SINTEF), with a time frame to commercialization of around 10 years. 2 . One post-combustion (named Best Integrated Technology, BIT), suited for retrofit and potential to be implemented within 4-5 years. 3. Geochemical and geomechanical modeling for safe long term storage of CO2 in aquifers Hydrogen Membrane Reformer, HMR: Hydrogen flux and material stability targets of membranes were achieved in CCP1. The project will include development and fabrication of powder, sealing materials, porous support structures and monoliths, with ultimate goal of to demonstrate target perf ormance of small monoliths (2 x 2 cm) and fabrication of pilot scale membrane monoliths (7 x 7 cm). Best Integrated Technolgy, BIT: The project will include a feasibility study of recycle of flue gas to the gas turbine, with option to include combustor te sts of the recycling, work with improved heat Geochemistry/geomechanics: Advanced reactive transport models will be compared to check consistency and a geomechanical model will be implemented and applied to a Norwegian CO2 storage scenario.


CLIMIT-Forskning, utvikling og demo av CO2-håndtering

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