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The Norwegian Metacenter for Computational Science - NOTUR II

Tildelt: kr 289,9 mill.

This proposed national project (herafter called the Project) will fulfil a new pronounced and sustainable vision for the Norwegian infrastructure for High Performance Computing (HPC). The vision is to: Provide a modern, national HPC infrastructure in an i nternational and competitive setting, and stimulate computational science as the third scientific path. The Project shall serve the Norwegian computational science community by providing the HPC-infrastructure to individuals or groups doing computations for: * education and research at Norwegian universities and colleges; * research at the Meteorological Institute (met.no); * research and engineering at research institutes and industry who contribute to the funding of the Project. The Project will incl ude and further develop basic elements from the Notur project and other previous HPC projects, building a national infrastructure for HPC. A set of HPC platforms shall be procured and made available to the research community. The Metacenter shall be stren gthened as a national core activity led by the Project Manager. User support at various levels, ranging from help desk operations to advanced support and technology transfer, training, and marketing will also contribute to reaching the Project's vision.