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Canada - Dynamics of exploited anadromous salmonid communities across a latitudinal and cultural gradient

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2005 - 2007

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The pre-proposal consists of two work-packages: I. Establishment of a collaboration with the Canadian pre-proposal ?Dynamics of exploited anadromous salmonid communities across a latitudinal and cultural gradient? being considered for Canadian activities in the International Polar Year 2007-2008 (see attached proposal). II. Initiating compilation of data and model development aiming to assess how exploitation of salmonid populations can lead to immediate phenotypic responses and longer-term evolutionary responses. In work-package I, we propose to initiate collaboration between NINA and Canadian research institutions, aimed at developing a large, joint research program for the International Polar Year in 2007-2008. Possible themes are: * Population an d fish community dynamics along an environmental gradient * Salmonid population structure in northern environments * Exploitation of salmonids in productive and non-productive habitats * Climate change and its effect on salmonid populations and the potent ial for exploitation * Comparative biology and utilization of salmonids on two continents: inherited and phenotypic differences In work-package II, we wish to study how human influences on the density of organisms in populations may produce immediate p henotypic responses and longer-term evolutionary responses. Such responses may include alternation of life history characteristics, which may feed back on population dynamics, and influence extinction probabilities and the ability to recover from bottlene cks. To study how life-history traits may change as a response to changes in density we will focus on age at maturation, which is a trait of high economic value in many exploited populations due to its effect on the body size of harvestable individuals.



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