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USA - Managing diversity in large-scale global projects and networked industries

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2005 - 2007

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The primary objective of the project initiation is to establish a long-term cooperation for joint research projects and knowledge-based innovation between DNV Research and the Collaboratory for Research on Global Projects (CRGP) at Stanford University. The research focus is on large scale global projects and networked industries. Business crosses national borders and companies operate in international settings or locally at places they are unfamiliar. Diversity is often put attention to as a requisite f or creativity but is in such settings more often a source to problems. The problems arise at the level of micro-behaviour of the organisation and are recognised as misunderstandings, conflicts, different preferences for work practices and so on. This put stress on the cooperating organisations, which in the end may jeopardise their objectives for the business relationships if going to far. The primary research objective of the project is to improve the understanding of what impacts the effectiveness of gl obal projects and networked business and develop methods and tools that help to increase the effectiveness and reduce the risks of such projects and constellations. There exists a large research potential within this area as the typical issues related to such constellations largely have been approached from single disciplines' point of view. DNV Research and CRGP want to address the issues from a holistic point of view by focusing particular research objects (case studies) rather than focusing particular disciplines. CRGP introduces an institutional perspective on organisations promoting such an approach. The knowledge and services to be developed are expected to be inquired in the years to come as more companies will take part in international network s or projects in geographical areas that they are inexperienced.



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