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INTSAMGEN-Internasjonalt samarbeid generelt

Frankrike - Multibeam acoustics in quantitative ecosystem studies

Tildelt: kr 0,40 mill.

This project will formalize and structure a connection in technology development between IFREMER, France and IMR, Norway. The overriding goal is to develop a project for innovative use of new acoustic technology within fisheries research solving challenge s in marine ecosystem assessment and management. During the initial year a project team will organize seminars in both countries and otherwise communicate electronically. The team will evaluate the MBES and MBS technologies and their capabilities in asse ssment of exploited ecosystem. They will also evaluate MBES and MBS complimentarity and the synergy associated with a joint French-Norwegian development. An evaluation of the demand for expertise and competence will define the need for a broader internati onal cooperation in future. The project team will participate in cruises using the MBES and MBS systems and establish a common French-Norwegian reference frame for the performance and potential of the technology for both mid water and surface studies and near-bottom evaluations of marine life. This basis will be crucial for the development of efficient data handling and data presentation as well as quantitative treatment of the output information. The MBES and MBS systems will collect several orders of ma gnitude more data than presently used echo sounders and sonars. The complex data collection is challenging both with respect to selection, treatment and presentation. Maturing these challenges will improve the team's ability to design an efficient new pro ject for both multibeam systems. A major part of the resources will be used to clarify these problems and form a common foundation for a new line of software systems for multibeam acoustic systems. Based on the above the team will within a year provide a project proposal that utilizes the information described above to establish an international project for efficient development of multibeam acoustic technology for assessment of marine life.


INTSAMGEN-Internasjonalt samarbeid generelt

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