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BEDSAM-Bedriftens samfunnsansvar

International developments, dissemination and implementation of CSR in the Norwegian clothing sector

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2006 - 2010

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By a trial research design this project aims to follow the Norwegian branch organisations engagement in the national and international development of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and to study how these processes disseminates and influences the cl othing branch in Norway at the chain and firm level, with a special focus on small- and medium sized firms. On the company level the project will measure attitudes towards and implementation activities of CSR and identify barriers towards effective CSR im plementation. Key research questions in the project are: 1) How does the evolvement of an international CSR framework contribute to the development, institutionalization and dissemination of CSR in the clothing industry? How does the branch, chains and f irms adopt and contribute to the international developments of CSR? 2) How does eventually such an institutionalization and dissemination of CSR in the clothing industry manifest itself a) on a branch level?, and b) on the chain/company level? 3) How can obstacles and barriers of adapting CSR in small and medium sized companies be removed? 4) What are the explanatory factors behind firms? decisions to implement CSR tools or not? These research questions will be answered by following the clothing industry (at branch and chain/company level) in Norway and the international developments over a three year period through document studies and interviews with key stakeholders. A survey carried out by phone will be used to assess development in attitudes to CSR i n a random sample of clothing companies. In addition, a sample of small- and medium sized companies will form case studies to scrutinize the decision and implementation of CSR issues.


BEDSAM-Bedriftens samfunnsansvar