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IntelliSense RFID : RFID Platform for Ambient Intelligence Platform with Sensors Integration Capabilities

Tildelt: kr 5,6 mill.

Strategic objectives addressed: * RFID Technology * Wireless Sensors * MEMS/micro sensors utilizing RF technology Proposal abstract Ambient Intelligence is the vision of the future information technology society. Wireless connectivity is one of the key enabling technologies. These technologies include both beyond- 3G solutions connecting mobile users and Internet as well as technologies connecting mobile users and objects in their local environment. The key technology for local connectivity is radio fr equency identification (RFID) which makes massive, low-cost tagging of objects feasible. While RFID is rapidly progressing especially in logistics/chain management and access control it has not yet reached consumer markets. The project proposes a multi pu rpose platform with sensing capabilities that address the needs of consumer markets. The project objectives are to: * Develop technologies that make it possible to use the same RFID solutions in logistics and consumer applications. * Significantly enh ance the data rate of short range RFID communication that will open new high-volume consumer applications. * Develop a generic sensor interface integrated within the RFID integrated circuit that makes it possible to integrate external sensors to the plat form. Such wireless sensors are important in several industrial and consumer applications. A generic wireless connectivity, with the sensor data management in a handheld terminal, such as a future Symbian phone, will significantly enhance sensor markets. The project innovative aspects can be summarised by the following project results: * Novel, passive/semi passive RFID platform with a generic mixed signal interface for sensors; * New antenna concept (multi band, fractal) for covering the relevant IS M bands at 13.56 MHz, 869MHz, 915 MHz and 2.45GHz - to enable operation in all countries using all relevant RFID interrogators, both in logistics chain and consumer use * A new, low power/low voltag


VERDIKT-Kjernekomp.og verdiskaping IKT

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