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BIA-Brukerstyrt innovasjonsarena

The next generation low-power handheld ultra wide band short-range 3D-radar

Tildelt: kr 4,3 mill.




2006 - 2008

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Most current wireless communication systems (mobile phones, wireless LANs etc.) utilizes plain carrier based communication or more advanced RF techniques like Bluetooth and ZigBee. Recently a fundamentally different technique has been entering the communi cation market; Ultra Wide Band (UWB) or impulse radio based on transmission of short pulses without carrier (base band). The pulses must be short with sharp transitions. A conventional radio is modulating a carrier giving a narrow spectral peak. Impulse b ased transmission techniques without carrier will give a wide power density spectrum. UWB radio is according to FCC- and ETSI-regulations defined as radio transmission with spectral lines wider than 500 MHz. Although several applications of UWB are explor ing high bandwidth wireless networks, the UWB technique may as well be used for low bandwidth communication or low power radar applications. In this project we will develop next generation Ultra Wide Band Impulse Radar (UWB-IR) core module in advanced in tegrated CMOS technology, utilizing unique technology and competence from Novelda AS and the project partners. The UWB-IR will have reduced power consumption and physical size compared to existing technology and products. In terms of performance, the next generation UWB-IR will increase the quality of the radar image through massive multi-channel detection and on-chip signal processing/-conditioning. For the end user portability, battery-lifetime, and product cost are the most critical parameters as long as the functionality is equal to or better than other products in the market. We expect the production costs to be lower than existing products due to the implementation in CMOS technology. The main applications for the UWB-IR module are in military appli cations, medical imaging, automotive industry, but also for more general use. This project will enable Novelda to achieve a unique and competitive product, and be a supplier on the international OEM market.


BIA-Brukerstyrt innovasjonsarena