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SIP-NHD-Strategiske instituttprogram finansiert av NHD

Experimental and Simulation Studies of Gas-Particle Flow Systems

Tildelt: kr 4,8 mill.

The main focus of the present study is to advance the understanding of the mechanism of gas-solids flow systems through experimental study and modelling. Electrostatic charging of particulates during pneumatic transport will also be studied. This will pro duce generic knowledge of two-phase flow systems, which may be usable in other fields of process technology. The application consists of two sub-projects, each dealing with a specific problem as described below. * Scaling up of pneumatic transport system s: This study will focus on further development of scaling up technique based on laboratory scale tests and CFD modelling. The project will study the pressure drop at the bends and the variation of pressure drop coefficients in case of vertical transport for various size distributions of the same bulk material. It is planned to use both experimental and modelling techniques for prediction of pressure drop. * Electrostatic charging of powder during transport: The objective of this study will be to enhan ce our understanding of the phenomenon of electrostatic charging of particulate materials under 300µm. Industries often complain that they are plagued by the problem of electrostatic charging and that often such charging can lead to dangerous dust explosi ons during pneumatic conveying of materials into a silo. Better understanding of the electrostatic charging phenomenon will help us in taking suitable measures for avoiding such dangerous situations.


SIP-NHD-Strategiske instituttprogram finansiert av NHD