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SIPNKOMP-SIP-NHD: Andre nasjonalt viktige kompetansefelt

Improved methods for prediction and control of the behaviour of marine vehicles in extreme conditions

Tildelt: kr 8,4 mill.

The research effort will be focusing on the following areas: * Develop realistic and accurate numerical methods and models for predicting the motions and loads on marine vehicles in extreme wave conditions as well as in shallow and restricted waters with waves and current. Speeds range from zero to very high. * Improve the integration between model testing and numerical tools, and methods for model testing and analysis of experimental results, to identify and quantify non-linear and transient effects. Implement in real-time simulators. * Develop new nonlinear model-based control systems, using knowledge from nonlinear hydrodynamic and propulsion models to increase control system performance in extreme conditions. An overall goal is a common control sy stem in laboratories, numerical tools, simulators and full-scale. This development will be supported by: * Development and improvement of non-linear hydrodynamic methods in order to establish solutions to problems related to operation in extreme conditi ons. One will focus mainly on practical oriented tools for engineering use, based on improved numerical tools combined with experiments and empirical knowledge. * Assessment and application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methods to marine technolo gy problems, particularly motions in waves, ship manoeuvring and underwater vehicles. * Development of simulator models for high speed vessels and underwater vehicles.


SIPNKOMP-SIP-NHD: Andre nasjonalt viktige kompetansefelt


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