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USA - Corporate Responsibility in US and Norway

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"Management Systems of CSR" will serve as the umbrella topic under which the supporting suggested sub-projects will reside. The purpose of the following suggested sub-projects will exhibit to industry the tangible project examples that may be conducted. Enterprises ranging from small and medium sized to larger industry operating in a global market will be invited to participate. These suggested sub-projects will also serve to foster dialogue necessary to facilitate the development of future collaborati ve projects, and may be conducted within the duration of this pre-project or may be considered within larger future collaborative projects. Subproject 1: CSR and products information, case study based on research in the Norwegian Furniture Industry The objective of this subproject is to examine the application of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and reporting systems along value chains/supply chains in a specific industry sector. NTNU's existing relationship with the Norwegian furniture companies Ekorn es ASA and HÅG ASA will serve as the key partners. Subproject 2: CSR and business ethics concerns for multinationals operating in developing countries Managing operations in the diverse conditions of developing regions of the world creates challenges an d dilemmas that go beyond the scope of "international business as usual". In this subproject, Statoil will serve as the primary co-operator for an investigation into the difficult issues that arise daily when local regulations/enforcement are lacking, co rruption is common, and local suppliers are a necessity. Underlying issues will be identified, and methods and processes will be developed and catalogued. Subproject 3: Key Performance Indicators of CSR "You cannot manage what you cannot measure" is a well-worn and accepted business expression. This subproject will focus on the identification effective CSR key performance indictor practices within industry in the Norway and the US.



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