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Forensics Readiness and Electronic Evidence

Tildelt: kr 0,10 mill.

* Building Network. Certain aspects of DESDIFOR are very relevant to ongoing international activities and a constructive dialogue with international groups and organizations can be maintained and strengthened through this project. The project plans to sha re experience, best practices and procedures internationally. * Dissemination of knowledge. In order to increase knowledge and awareness in forensics readiness and electronic evidence in the industry and academia this project plans to disseminate results through papers presented at international scientific forums and conference, e.g. the conference on IT-Incident Management & IT-Forensics (http://www.imf-conference.org/) and an invited Cybex newsletter publication. The dissemination will also include wor kshops with chosen academics and company representatives (see next bullet), feature articles for the general public where appropriate and scientific discussions through the international network. * Organizing workshops. The project will organize workshop s with invited representatives from organizations like Justisdep, Domstolsadministrasjonen, Advokatforeningen, Dommerforeningen, Datatilsynet, Norsis, UiO, Telenor, etc. both to disseminate/share knowledge and strengthen cooperation in this field. * Writi ng feature articles. We should be aware that preparing an organization to do this may entail the enhanced monitoring of systems and staff; techniques, procedures and the equipment to secure data in a way that makes it admissible as evidence, processes and procedures that make staff realize the importance of evidence and its admissibility, and the obtaining of correct legal counseling and communicating usefully with law enforcement agencies. In order to highlight this, increase knowledge and raise awarenes s in the industry the project plans to write feature articles where appropriate, e.g. inn newspapers and other non-scientific publications.


IKTSIKKER-IKT sikkerhet og sårbarhet

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