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MAROFF-Maritim virksomhet og offshore operasjoner

TBT-free Anti Fouling Paint Test Programme

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2006 - 2008


Background: On 5 October 2001, a diplomatic conference adopted the IMO convention on the control of harmful anti-fouling systems on ships by consensus, the convention states a global prohibition on the application of organotin compounds which act as bioci des in anti-fouling systems on ships. Many ship owners have for several years tested tin-free antifouling paint systems, both in form of test areas and for full hull bottoms, with varying success. Some ships have experienced severe fouling and speed loss. Hence, many ship owners advocated against the ban, and asked for more time and thorough documentation regarding the performance of alternative paint systems. And in the same way, many nations were reluctant to ratify the ban. Obective: The overall object ive of this TBT-free anti-fouling paint test programme is to perform testing and establish documentation on performance of last generation tin-free antifouling paint systems, based on application of test patches on ships in normal operation. Approach: S hip owners participate by offering test ships and arrange for test areas. The composition of test ships should be sufficiently broad to reflect operational conditions for the world fleet both regarding trades, trading waters, speed, activity levels, docki ng intervals etc, and also most demanding operational conditions for antifouling systems to be covered. All major suppliers of anti-fouling paint systems participate with their last generation products, designed for the actual ship and trade. Test patches have been applied on a total of sixteen test ships. Result distribution To the project participants results will be reported and discussed on a regular basis through the Forum activities, meetings and plenary. A summary report reporting results from all but the last test ship will be issued in last quarter 2006, for distribution between programme partners. Update will follow when the final test ship is drydocked in 2007.


MAROFF-Maritim virksomhet og offshore operasjoner

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