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IPY-Det internasjonale polaråret 2007/2008

The Ice Age development and human settlement in Northern Eurasia (ICEHUS II)

Tildelt: kr 8,0 mill.

The project studies the Late Quaternary environmental changes in the Barents-Kara sea region and the ice age human occupation in northern Russia. We propose to carry out a lake coring programme in the Russian Arctic. The European Science Foundations progr amme QUEEN (Quaternary Environment of the Eurasian North) has reconstructed ice sheet fluctuations, climatic and other events in this region. However, these reconstructions are mainly based on fragmentary stratigraphic evidence from river and coastal sect ions. In order to study the connection between the terrestrial and marine records in a regional and global context, and to place the reconstructed events into a stratigraphic succession, we want to obtain long and continuous continental records that span the investigated period. No long lake record exists from northern European Russia or Western Siberia. The scientific problems we want to address are the climate and environmental evolution in the Arctic during the last interglacial-glacial cycle (140,000 years), the timing of ice-dammed lakes, the glacial history of the Polar Urals, and the relationship between climate and human occupation. The field campaign will be carried out in close collaboration with Russian scientists. Sediment coring will take pla ce from winter lake-ice and the records will be subjected to multidisciplinary analyses, including physical and biological parameters. The project will form part of the IPY activity 'Evolution of polar glaciation' (EoI #183) within the framework of the in ternational APEX programme. This is a logistically and scientifically challenging project that is well suited for the IPY umbrella.


IPY-Det internasjonale polaråret 2007/2008