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VERDIKT-Kjernekomp.og verdiskaping IKT

Point-of-care Multi-Aware Clinical Pilot

Tildelt: kr 4,2 mill.

Our contributions will be: - Usage-scenarios and requirements for this kind of pervasive multi-user, multi-session, multi-task computing in the hospital ward. - Models and theory for computer-mediated group interaction and communication in fragmente d, information-intensive, work processes. - Prototypes demonstrating: situation- and guideline- aware mobile interfaces, view-persistence across sessions and devices, and context- and role-driven information navigation Our main results will be: 1. Product prototypes and specifications in the open domain 2. New methodology and design theory for pervasive systems design 3. Intellectual properties 4. 1 PhD thesis 5. At least 15 internationally refereed and archived papers, of which 5 in primar y international journals. 6. 15 MSc theses 7. Workshops, seminars and sector-oriented courses, further education, newsletter and web-repository. The effects will be to - Introduce a new paradigm for computer-supported real-time multi-cooperation in the hospital ward and similar complex situations - Increase user and sector competence - Increase industry and research competitiveness within clinical information systems


VERDIKT-Kjernekomp.og verdiskaping IKT