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KOSK-II-Katalyse og org.synt.kjemi II

Partial Oxidation of Methane. Studies on mechanism and kinetics.

Tildelt: kr 2,2 mill.

Synthesis gas can be produced by catalytic partial oxidation using gas phase oxygen. However, this process is facing some major engineering problems such as the presence of large temperature gradients and the risk of explosion caused by premixed methane a nd oxygen. An alternative approach is to carry out the partial oxidation by using lattice oxygen in a solid material, i.e. with no gas phase oxygen present. The present proposal deals with the studies of a reactor system where air and methane are periodic ally brought into contact with a catalyst consisting of convenient oxides such as perovskites or ceria based oxides. The redox process will be studied in a TEOM-MS reactor. The development of a microkinetic model based on the elementary steps of the surfa ce reactions is also an important part of the work.


KOSK-II-Katalyse og org.synt.kjemi II