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NORKLIMA-Klimaendringer og konsekvenser for Norge

The geography of social vulnerability, environemental hazards and climate change.

Tildelt: kr 5,7 mill.

The study set out to modify, apply and evaluate a model for environmental risk assessment, here termed 'The vulnerability of a place model', as a means for studying the potential impact of future extreme climatic events in Norwegian regions. The model, de veloped and used in an American context, obviously need to be modified in two ways. Firstly, core concepts - especially the term vulnerability - need to be given relevant meaning in a Norwegian context. Secondly, the model, which has been developed for as sessing present vulnerabilities to environmental hazards in general, must be developed so as to incorporate assessment of future environmental risks due to climate change as well as future patterns of vulnerabilities. The ultimate goal of the project will be to assess whether such a modified model can be used for assessing the potential regional impacts of future extreme climatic events. This will include both an assessment of data needs, present data availabilities, as well as potential usefulness for lo ng term planning and local disasters preparedness.


NORKLIMA-Klimaendringer og konsekvenser for Norge