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SIP-LMD-SIP finansiert av Landbruksog matdepartementet

Designing sustainable livestock production systems delivering cultural landscapes with public goods and ecosystem services

Tildelt: kr 9,0 mill.

Agriculture in Norway is traditionally based on a high level of national support and payments. Policy changes, especially if the state support has to be reduced considerably, can lead to substantial changes regarding land use, the multi functionality of a griculture, cultural landscape qualities, as well as rural businesses. A new WTO-agreement will probably make it necessary to document the effects of 'green box' measurements. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to show and document the connections betw een agricultural production (primary products) and cultural landscape qualities (public benefits and ecosystem services i.e. secondary products) as well as the financial results. On this background the main objective of this strategic programme is to ge nerate knowledge that can contribute to improve a more sustainable livestock production and maintenance of important cultural landscape qualities. The programme will gain competence and develop tools to analyse the production of cultural landscape qualiti es from grassland based livestock production systems. Based on modules the programme aims to develop a model visualizing the linkage between different production systems, public benefits and ecosystem services (including knowledge on environmental load) a nd farm profitability. The results will give indications on payment rates which are necessary to achieve desired land use regarding cultural landscape qualities. A second main objective of the programme is the capacity building and consolidation in Biofo rsk of research linked to holistic approaches to complex problems in agriculture. The programme will involve researchers from several institutes, also abroad, representing different disciplines, methods, traditions and experience. NILF will participate as a major partner. The interdisciplinary cooperation will strengthen the programme process and the scientific network of Bioforsk.


SIP-LMD-SIP finansiert av Landbruksog matdepartementet