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MAROFF-2-Maritim virksomhet og offsh-2

FellowSHIP - Fuel Cells for Low Emission Ships

Tildelt: kr 32,5 mill.




2007 - 2010




FellowShip is a joint industry R&D project to develop and demonstrate hybrid fuel cell power packs suitable for landbased, marine and offshore use. The power packs build on fuel cell technology in hybrid configurations with conventional engines, in combin ation with new electrical-, power electronic-, and automation systems. The project in a nutshell: In phase 2 (2006-2010); use existing fuel cell technology in new system arrangements and with new electro and control technology to develop improved fuel c ell power packages. Test & verify the new power pack at landbased site, then finally qualify in marine test-bed for the stringent requirements of landbased, marine & offshore power industry. The successful achievements of phase 2 will see significantly re duced CO2 emissions, improved energy efficiency and zero emissions of harmful substances. Plans for further phases (2010 - and on) include to integrate the power pack in hybrid arrangement with conventional engines . The final product will be a ultra low emission power plant with 50% increased energy efficiency compared to current technology. The Norwegian partners possess patents and technology that can solve many of the operational challenges for todays fuel cells. Through the co-operation with leadin g fuel cell suppliers we complete the development of these solutions. The system solutions developed support directly the main motives of the partners; to develop commercial solutions for new and existing products and services and create basis for future business. The project started in 2003 and is planned with 3 phases: Phase 1: Feasibility study. Phase 2: Develop and test the new 320kW fuel cell power pack for auxiliary power. Phase 3: Develop and test the fuel cells integrated with conventional eng ines for main power production, 4MW total.


MAROFF-2-Maritim virksomhet og offsh-2