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JAPAN - establishing research cooperation between NTNU-SINTEF and AIST

Tildelt: kr 35 000

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan, home to more than 2500 researchers and 5300 visiting scholars, is one of the most advanced research institutes in the world. They currently have a large forefront running acti vity within nanotechnology, and make a formidable partner for the growing nanotechnology initiative in Trondheim. We here aim at developing collaboration between NTNU-SINTEF and AIST within nanotechnology. In order to concretize future collaborative proj ects a task force is appointed. The members of the task force are: Dr. Hiroshi Yokoyama, director of Nanotechnology Research Institute, AIST Prof. Thomas Tybell, director NTNU NanoLab Dr. Torstein Haarberg, Executive Vice President SINTEF Materials and C hemistry The goal of the task force is to: Identify areas of mutual interest Investigate the amount of internal resources that can be provided by each partner (financial resources, man power, time, etc) Formulate projects of common interest Identify th ird partners, industry etc Make template project contract Elaborate details about IPR questions



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