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Japan -bilateral cooperation for classification, documentation and promotion of high quality frozen fish.

Tildelt: kr 0,15 mill.

The project has a background from a demonstration of quality advantages by freezing and transportation of fish from Florø to Tokyo at - 60 degree C, compared to standard freezing temperatures. Containers from Maersk, the ULT, for freezing and transportat ion were demonstrated in terms of quality advantages and market responds of the fish products. The demonstration showed big potentials for fish like salmon, trout, shrimp and also mackerel for the international sushi and sashimi markets. But the demonstr ation project also gave an illustration of the importance of good documentation of processes and conditions to clearly distinguish this type of fish products from standard qualities of frozen fish. In the demonstration project we had co-operation with Ma ersk Line Tokyo kk and Maersk Norway AS. We also had some assistance from Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (TUMSAT) for quality documentation. The contact with TUMSAT we find important to develop into regular co-operation for documentatio n and logistic condition control of the high quality products from raw fish. In the demonstration we have further had co-operation with Havlandet Forskningslaboratoruim. The Laboratorum wants to develop deeper expertise in testing and documentation of qu ality and logistic procedures, especially for red aqua cultured fish like salmon and trout. Nowell AS is a partner in the project as a representative of the fish industry. We also co-operate with Sunnfjord 2020 AS a regional promoter of industries and related activities. The projects which are under planning will propose exchange of academic staff, evaluation of to-day practises, development of methods and procedures for testing, classification and documentation of quality of the fish products and ha ndling procedures. A key to the planned co-operation is the combination of academic based methods of testing and documentation with praxis in the fishrelated industry.



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