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YFF-Yngre, fremragende forskere

The "Forging" of Christian Identity in the Northern Periphery (c.820-c.1200)

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2007 - 2013

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Background: The study of Christianization in Scandinavia has recently become an important subject for international collaboration. Yet all previous projects have centered on Latin Christianity and the influence of Western Europe in the course of Christian ization, while contacts and mutual influences in this process across Northern Europe, between Scandinavia and Russia in particular, have attracted less scholarly attention, in spite of some evidence suggesting their importance. Theoretical principles: Th ere are two major methodological principles lying at the basis of this project: 1) The study of Christianization in northern Europe has to break the historiographic split between Scandinavia and northern Russia, the split resulted from the traditional div ision between medieval and Scandinavian studies, on the one hand, and Slavic studies, on the other. 2) This interdisciplinary study has to compare written discourse with artifacts of practical literacy and non-literary markers of Christian identity to tra ce the establishment of Christian identity in the north in different social layers and its routinization with different levels of personal consciousness. Methods: The members of the research group in the Centre for Medieval Studies (UiB) and active partn ers within the international network established for this project will conduct separate case studies. The comparative analysis of those results will be carried on at international conferences and workshops organized within the project. Expected results : This project is intended to achieve the following results: 1) to contribute to the international research on early medieval Christianity in Europe; 2) to assist the Centre for Medieval Studies and the members of the research group in becoming a vital pa rt of international research on early Christianization in northern Europe; 3) to disseminate the results of the project in international peer-reviewed periodicals, collective publications, and conferences.

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YFF-Yngre, fremragende forskere