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Russia - Development of biosensors for detection of ischemia, graft rejection and inflammatary response

Tildelt: kr 34 211

The first step in establishing a cooperation between the Russian and Norwegian anaesthesiology departments presented above, will be to send a promising Russian PhD candidate to Norway to evaluate whether one of the three projects outlined below are suitab le for a PhD thesis beneficial for both Institutions. - A sensor for measurement of partial pCO2 pressure in tissue for use in essentially all organs, e.g. to prevent ischemia of a new breast after an operation. The pCO2 increases rapidly when the anaero bic threshold is reached, i.e. when cells have too little oxygen supply to survive. - Detection of ischemia and heart wall movement during heart operation with the accelerometer sensor, that measures acceleration of the heart wall in three directions. By integrating the acceleration signal, the tissue velocity and the position of the heart wall can also be calculated in three directions. - Use of biosensors during liver transplantation and detection of graft rejection. -



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