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Russia: Bilateral cooperation on increasing cost-efficiency in domestic and industrial wastewater treatment in the Barents region

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2007 - 2008

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The Russian territories in the Barents region (Arkhangelsk and Murmansk oblast, Nenents Autonomus Okrug and Karelia and Komi republics) and Kaliningrad area have serious challenges with regards to the drinking water supply, domestic water treatment and in dustrial wastewater treatment. Though in some areas, the treatment capacities of the plants are satisfactory, only 6-10% of the effluents meet the discharge standards. This is mainly due to poor operational practices caused by lack of access to modern an d cost-efficient technologies in addition to the financial constraints. The valuable fisheries resources, human health, environment and the related livelihoods are at great risk due to this. NIVA has been in the forefront of promoting novel technologies in cost-efficient pollution control both in Scandinavia and in other countries, like China and Eastern Europe. Using modern process optimising technologies, NIVA has developed several cost-efficient technologies convincing politicians, administrators and industrialists to engage in pollution control activities. - Develop further contacts with relevant institutions through Akvaplan NIVA and Geomor-NIVA for the proposed initiative - Plan the first visit for networking - Develop a project strategy and disc ussions through emails / teleconferences - Follow-up visit to the identified key project partners - Finalisation and submission of project proposal(s).



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