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Can - US-Kina R2M-CUCN: Multi-Lateral Cooperation in the Field of Refining and Recycling of Metals involving Canada, USA, China and Norway

Tildelt: kr 53 333

Recycling Melts, such as steel, aluminium, magnesium and silicon represents an important opportunity for sustainable and environmentally friendly production of metals. It is urgent to develop efficient refining methods to purify these metals by removing i mpurity elements and inclusions. Canada, USA, China and Norway are the most important regions of metal production in the world. In these countries, steel production occupies 27% of the world production, aluminum production is 37%, and magnesium covers ove r 76% of the world production. R&Ds in the field of refining and recycling of metals at some universities in Canada, USA and China are very sophisticated. The current project aims to establish networking activities and initiate future multi-lateral cooper ation between NTNU and these international universities. The Department of Material Science and Engineering at NTNU has Europes largest academic research centre for work on light metals and their recycling. The current project of on the refining and recyc ling of metals is in keeping with NTNU?s international strategies and priorities. The current project will intensify the leading status of NTNU in the field of refining and recycling of metals. The study of recycling of metals is to obtain an efficient me thod to melt the metal scrap or dross with a low input of energy and salt, low secondary dross generation and low greenhouse gas emissions. The refining of metals intends to remove nonmetallic inclusions and impurity elements. The outcome of the current p roject will achieve a commercial and/or innovation potential. With initiating this international research collaboration between Norway and Canada, US and China, this project will lead to future long term collaboration with these international universities involving exchange of research fellows, and future extensive collaborative projects from the Norwegian Research Council, European Union, or other international funds such as National Science Foundation of USA.



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