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ISP-Institusjonsforankrede strategiske prosjekt

Snow avalanche research

Tildelt: kr 10,5 mill.

The research program is divided in four themes: A) Avalanche warning, B) Protection structures, C) Avalanche hazard zoning and D) Dissemination of snow avalanche information. The themes will continue over the three-year period. Each theme is subdivided in a number of work packages. A) Avalanche warning There is an increased demand for avalanche warning with higher resolution in time and space. Exposed inhabited areas need avalanche forecasting to prevent loss of lives. Communication corridors must be kep t open as much as possible to prevent loss of profit. To meet the increased demand, NGI must improve its ability to collect and summarize relevant data. The field component of all seven work packages will be centered around the research station Fonnbu in Grasdalen, Stryn. B) Protection structures There is an increasing need in society to use protection structures to keep people and infrastructure safe. New and improved tools to analyze, dimension and implement protection structures are needed. These tool s must be developed based on a sound theoretical understanding of the physics in the avalanche. To arrive at new tools and design criteria, four work packages are proposed. The results from the research on snow avalanches can also be used for other slide types. C) Avalanche hazard zoning The number of requests for avalanche hazard zoning evaluations has increased over recent years, and this trend is expected to continue. To deliver products that meet the needs of the society, the six work packages aim at further developing existing methods and ensuring that the same procedures are followed by everyone having a responsibility in this area. D) Dissemination of snow avalanche information NGI is the national competence centre for snow avalanche research in Norway, and is responsible for disseminating snow and snow avalanche information. The four work packages within the theme aim at making this information readily available to all users, mostly through web interfaces.


ISP-Institusjonsforankrede strategiske prosjekt