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SIP-NHD-Strategiske instituttprogram finansiert av NHD

Norwegian value chain based on carbonic acid and mineral resources

Tildelt: kr 7,5 mill.

Norway has a unique situation with large resources of minerals and ores, and the mineral industry is in growth. Refinement of mineral products, development of new products and reduction of waste are important objectives in a market situation with high int ernational competition and increasing consciousness on environmental issues. A process for reacting carbonic acid with olivine to form magnesite and silica has been experimentally tested at Institute for Energy Technology. The reaction products are of com mercial interest. As a follow-up, similar experimental tests will now be done on a large number of mineral resources. In particular, titanium and aluminium are interesting commercial targets, where carbonic acid can be included as one or more steps in an industrial process. A screening of a large number of mineral resources will be carried out. On basis of this screening, the most promising mineral processes will be selected for further development. This will involve optimalisation of experimental conditi ons. The minimum number of process steps and how to combine them will be addressed. Reaction rates and quality of products are key issues. In order to obtain high quality products, good understanding and control on redox reactions is necessary. Evaluation of possible processes will consider preliminary process design, techno-economical and environmental issues as well as the market situation.


SIP-NHD-Strategiske instituttprogram finansiert av NHD