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SIPOPETR-SIP-OED Petroleumssektoren

Multimodal flow assurance metering station (MuFAMES).

Tildelt: kr 12,0 mill.

Subsea processing and transportation of multiphase fluids over long distances is becoming a viable solution for several subsea fields. Flow assurance is becoming an increasing challenge as depth and step out length are increasing. The processes conditions with low temperatures have the potential to generate hydrates and deposition of wax and scale. This is a challenge that is being solved in different ways today: either by injecting chemicals like large amounts of glycol and/or new polymers that control c rystallisation and fatal plugging and improve flow. New and more reliable instrumentation needs to be developed in order to optimise the use of chemicals and monitor the status of the undesired components in the flow. The proposed SIP pro poses a subsea pipeline measurement station combining various measurement techniques to enable early pre-warning detection of hydrate formation and measurement of wax/scale build-up and layer on the pipeline walls. A main objective of the proposed R&D pr ogramme is to further improve CMR?s technology basis for development of new instruments and products for improved exploitation of oil and gas resources. In particular, the programme will focus on multimodality technologies as a basis to realize such a me asurement station. In addition to the education of PhD and Master candidates, the SIP will lead to specific project results such as prototype instrument solutions. It is an intention that the SIP shall trigger activities and industrial projects as spin-o ffs to the SIP (in relation to the proposed SIP activities, or in addition to these), to be funded by other sources. The SIP will contribute to strengthen Norway not only as a leading supplier of oil and gas, but also as a supplier of advanced measurement technology for controlled and safe use of the petroleum resources.


SIPOPETR-SIP-OED Petroleumssektoren