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SIPOPETR-SIP-OED Petroleumssektoren

New functional tracers based on nanotechnology and radiotracer generators

Tildelt: kr 9,0 mill.

Tracer technology is one of few methods which can provide direct dynamic information of the reservoir. It is simple and cheap in use, and can be adapted to all kinds of oil reservoirs. IFE is in the forefront of reservoir tracer technology development and use. In the present project we will concentrate on development of industrial radiotracer generators for short-lived radionuclides and introduce a new concept in tracer technology for the petroleum industry: Nano-tracers. The main deliverables from the pr oject are: a. 2-4 new laboratory-qualified radiotracer generator systems based on 2-4 different nuclear mother-daughter relationships that, with slight modifications may provide > 10 new short-lived radiotracers for near-well, well and process studies. b. A novel type of tracer material based on nanoparticles, so-called nano-tracers, qualified on the laboratory scale. They may be applicable as tracers for oil or water flow in reservoir examinations. In combination with radiotracer generators, they will be tracers for mass transport in process studies. Some variations of particles may be functionalized to enable tracing of system properties (pH, temperature, salinity etc.). c. A field tracer service based on off-line use of the radiotracer generators will be established. d. A knowledge base is established for these technologies and the combination of them which will enable further development of the techniques into automatically (remotely) operated monitoring devises for e-field operation. e. A knowledge b ase is established for potential upscaling of nano-tracer production and further research proposal applications within the Petromax program (KMB or BIP proposals) to qualify nano-tracers in field pilots in co-operation with oil companies. f. A unique comp etence is established on nano-tracers for application in the geosphere and in particular in oil reservoirs which will be the basis for a continued engagement and development in this new field.


SIPOPETR-SIP-OED Petroleumssektoren