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TU-Tungt utstyr

Ultra-high throughput sequencing national platform

Tildelt: kr 8,1 mill.

Recent technological breakthroughs making possible low cost ultra-high throughput gene sequencing open up a new era within biology. It is now possible to sequence a bacterial genome in less than a week, a human chromosome in 3-4 weeks or generate million s of metagenomic sequences in days. While the traditional Sanger-based technology - carried out by specialized and industrialized labs outside Norway - will still for some time be best suited for de novo sequencing of large genomes, the new technology is superior (both in speed and cost) for sequencing more or less known regions. If such technology became available to the Norwegian biological research community, it would provide an entirely new situation for all research groups trying to understand the ge netic basis for phenotypic variation. This is the primary topic binding together numerous researchers within diverse biological fields including evolutionary biology, production biology and biomedicine. As a consequence the very recent appearance of the t echnology, a well operated Norwegian ultra-high throughput sequencing platform (UTSP) open for all interested groups could generate an internationally leading research environment in Norway. In this application we apply for an UTSP which includes a sequen cing instrument, infrastructure (facilities) and computing power. To illustrate the broad relevance of this technology research groups within evolutionary biology, production biology, biomedicine and food science from the Univ. of Oslo (Mat Nat and Medica l faculty), UMB, NVH ("Trippelalliansen"), Univ. of Bergen, Univ. of Tromsø, Matforsk and Akvaforsk stand behind this proposal. To ensure as wide use as possible, the UTSP will in addition be run as a service open for the Norwegian biological research com munity as such.


TU-Tungt utstyr

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