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IPY-Det internasjonale polaråret 2007/2008


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1) The three part series: ANTARCTIC ADVENTURES This series will be a mixture of a natural history/explorer series with a sailing vessel as a base. The film crew are just two persons: Arne Naevra (a well known biologist, wildlife photgrapher and presenter) and Stein P. Aasheim (a well known explorer, author and presenter) in Norway. We will go from The Falklands to South Georgia and to the Antarctic Penninsula, where we do landings at historical and natural historical hot spots. Arne will especially tell stories about the wildlife, the food chains, the adaptations, their interactions and so on. Examples from albatrosses, the penguins and the sea mammals (seals and whales). The food chains in Antarctica will be important, from plankton - all the way up to the predators, like the leopard seal.Arne has worked a lot in Arctic conditions (Svalbard and Russia) and will compare wildlife in the Arctic and Antarctica. Stein will tell about the explorers and the sealing and whaling history. The latter was very i mportant to Norway and other countries at that time. But it led to a disaster for the whale population. On pictures of the historical sites, the whaling stations, as well as living whales, we will get information of this. And what about the future? (Clima tic change, endagered species, new harvesting (krill) etc.). 2) The reports to the popular science TV-programs will be a) about Arctic/Antarctic wildlife - similarities and differences. Species in the same ecological niches, b) about the albatrosses (es pecially the wandering which is biggest and edangered from line fisheries) and their behaviour and ecology and c) the big, baleen whales and the whaling history. About the base for their life: the krill, their life span, migration (what we know) - and the ir future (question -mark). 3) The three - four popular science radio reports will go along the same lines as above, but will also deal with penguin ecology (Adelie penguin), food chain, breeding etc.


IPY-Det internasjonale polaråret 2007/2008

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