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IPY-Det internasjonale polaråret 2007/2008

The researcher and satellite bringing polar science into the classroom

Tildelt: kr 0,50 mill.

The PolarEduSpace will provide opportunities for the classroom teachers and the students at teacher Colleges to attend training courses with content/activities focusing on polar science both on-line and e.g. at Andøya Rocketrange (ARR) and in Longyearbyen . The teachers will be provided with content knowledge and ideas for activities related to current Curricula. During the IPY periode a number of exercises/activities using the current satellite images (radar and optical data) together with thematic data a nd other results from research IPY projects, will be developed and available for the schools. Using communication through Internet/satellite will make it possible with live broadcasts from research vessels and stations at the poles, and bring real scienc e in the classroom. For selected areas, case studies will be produced focusing on different subjects related to the polar regions. These case studies will be supplemented with downloadable satellite image data together with input of observations from diff erent IPY projects.Each case study will be designed with a short introduction, needed background information, exercises and external links. There will be exercises where the satellite imagery will be analyzed using the image processing software LEOWorks a nd other exercises in which the images are analyzed directly on the screen or on paper. In addition some results (satellite and thematic data) will be presented in a GIS (Geographical Information System). We plan to conduct a competition for Norwegian sec ondary students related to polar science using satellite images as a tool. The winner prize will be a visit out in the field working together with the IPY researcher. After the IPY periode the published content related to PolarEduSpace in sarepta.org will be maintained and further developed, and the teacher training courses will be offered. We will also secure a continuation of access to fresh satellite images delivered from Kongsberg Satellite Services and ESA.


IPY-Det internasjonale polaråret 2007/2008

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