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SAMRISK-Samfunnssikkerhet og risiki

Humanitarian Logistics Networks

Tildelt: kr 2,7 mill.

International humanitarian aid is complex in nature, connecting several different sectors, actors and spheres of activity. Logistics is crucial in preparing for and responding to unwanted events, encompassing purchasing, transport and storing of food, wat er, shelter, energy, etc. A literature review concludes that more research is needed because humanitarian logistics differs from traditional due to 1) A myriad of actors involved; 2) Unpredictable demands and supplies; 3) Destabilized infrastructure and a uthorities. This project will develop knowledge about coordination and organization of logistics related to preparing for and responding to unwanted events. Based on three pairs of concepts including 1) Vertical- and horizontal coordination; 2) Permanent and temporary networks and; 3) Centralized and decentralized structures, the goal is to increase the understanding of how networks' ability of preparing for and responding to disasters is connected through the interplay between the permanent network in pr eparedness stage, the temporary network of each operation and back to recovery stage. Questions concern what coordination mechanisms, e.g. planning models, standards and organizational structures/processes, are to be employed in different stages. With an overall aim to pave way for a bigger research program, propositions, conceptual and quantitative planning models will be developed for further testing. As basis for developing the models, three empirical case studies will be undertaken including 1) IFRC r egional logistics concept for handling sudden-onset natural disasters; 2) United Nations Joint Logistics Centre as temporary coordination mechanism for inter-agency logistics coordination in large-scale emergencies and; 3) Military Peace Support Operation s serving as multifunctional operations in which military activities are designed to create a secure environment and facilitate the efforts of the civilian elements of the mission to create a self-sustaining peace.


SAMRISK-Samfunnssikkerhet og risiki