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PETROMAKS-Maksimal utnyttelse av petroleumsreserver

Emergency handling in centres of coordination

Tildelt: kr 2,1 mill.

This project aims to gain new knowledge about emergency handling in offshore centres of coordination. Both technological and organizational characteristics distinguish centres of coordination from more traditional work settings, e.g. the work require a co ntinuous interaction with other workgroups outside the control room as well as extended use of computer technology. In integrated operations this may lead to new challenges in emergency communication, cooperation and coordination. To study these challen ges this project will use a holistic approach, based on a MTO perspective. We will look at safety critical behavior with a constructivist/action-oriented perspective, describing how people engage in activities and how they interpret their situation and th e tasks to be performed, and choose their actions based on their understanding and evaluation of the interaction between structural, technological, cultural and relational factors. The project is planned as a comparative study where emergency practice in the petroleum industry will be compared to emergency practice in aviation industry. Video based observations and interviews will be used to collect data, as well as document studies.


PETROMAKS-Maksimal utnyttelse av petroleumsreserver