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Emerging persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the high North and North-Western Russia

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2008 - 2011

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The aim of the proposed initiative is to develop a mutual scientific exchange program within environmental chemistry based upon transfer of scientific knowledge, MSc, PhD students and personnel. The main activity will be medium-term research visits (3-12 months; 6 months in average) of M.Sc., Ph.D. students and Post-doctoral researchers from the Russian Partner Universities/ institutions to Norway and vice versa. SPbSU. Research visits will be an integrated part of each M.Sc., Ph.D. or post-doc project. U sually, MSc. or PhD students from Russia will plan one visit during the second year of their project. Norwegian hosts and Russian home institutions will all mutually benefit from the scientific achievements. It is expected that also an equal number Norweg ian Students on a MSc and PhD level will visit Our Russian partner institutions within their respective educational programs.It is planned that there will be 1-2 M.Sc., Ph.D. students or post-doctoral researchers in Norway and Russia similarly. This means , total of 5 M.Sc., and 5 Ph.D students as well as 2 post-doctoral researchers will take part in the program. We are expecting to perform between 10 student projects in Russia and Norway with (at least partial) support of the here presented project initia tive. Thus by the end of the program The NORTHPOP Russian-Norwegian co-operation program is expected to deliver important scientific information about the levels, fate and distribution of various POPs in Russia and the European north. Already during the f inal stage of the project, the established network will seek actively support and funding for continuation at potential Norwegian and Russian institutions within science, industry and academia. The project will hopefully contribute to a better awareness of environmental problems of High North will deliver important results for both nations.