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HAVKYST-Havet og kysten

Fjord ecosystems - Sami communities: Local ecological knowledge and socio-ecological history

Tildelt: kr 3,0 mill.

The project will bring forth management-relevant knowledge about a largely neglected part of Norway's marine/coastal environment; the northern fjords. This will be achieved through cross-disciplinary partnership, including marine scientists from Institute for Marine Research, international co-operation including Canadian social scientists, and co-operation between academic institutions and local/regional Sami institutions. The project will build upon international experience in the use of cross-disciplina ry methods, models and technology for collection, dissemination and storing of local ecological knowledge. The data collection will take place in two fjords with ethnically mixed population: Tana, and Porsanger in Finnmark County. It will target local eco logical knowledge (LEK) of fishers, with a historical element: socio-ecological history, which refers to the diacronic element of LEK; local historical development related to ecological change. The project includes 2 part time (social science) researchers . The project will approach biological aspects of LEK, the human impact on ecological change in the fjords, and the impact of ecological change on coastal Sami communities. It will also address past and present resource conflicts. The IMR scientists will link LEK data to biological data from IMR's database. From an international perspective, the project will contribute to the growing, but still very limited literature on indigenous perspectives and knowledge concerning management of commercial and subsist ence fisheries and marine ecosystems.


HAVKYST-Havet og kysten