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FRINATEK-Fri prosj.st. mat.,naturv.,tek

Transport mechanisms in the ocean

Tildelt: kr 7,5 mill.

We propose to apply and further develop two existing Large Eddy Scale (LES) ocean models and an existing k-e ocean model capable of calculating the three-dimensional turbulent ocean flow from the bottom to the free surface, where the latter forms part of the solution. The LES solvers will also be capable of resolving the large three-dimensional turbulent structures in the ocean; this facilitates prediction of flow phenomena which can not be predicted with present models. The k-e code is suited for large s cale applications, where LES models are more likely to yield poor results because the large turbulent structures can not be resolved. Thus the k-e and LES models are complementary. With these models we propose to study the wave-current interaction, and th e interaction between the free surface and the bottom in shallow and intermediate waters. We then propose to investigate the sediment dynamics and plankton dynamics in the ocean using these models in conjunction with a sediment model and a plankton model.


FRINATEK-Fri prosj.st. mat.,naturv.,tek