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ENERGIX-Stort program energi


Tildelt: kr 3,6 mill.

Hydrogen Technologies (Hydro) is working towards commercialisation of PEMWE technology. The fundamental PEMWE catalyst development took place at NTNU during the late 1990s. Hytrec AS (and partner Statkraft) has decided to utilise PEMWE technology for the ir R&D and demonstration centre at Tyholt in Trondheim. This PEMWE will be directly linked to a wind-turbine emulator and focus areas for R&D include dynamic behaviour and degradation issues. Proton Exchange Membrane Water Electrolysers (PEMWEs) are supe rior to conventional alkaline water electrolysers with respect to power density, dynamic capabilities and efficiency. However, cost and durability remain key challenges for wide spread market introduction of PEMWE technology. Three areas of research wil l be pursued to address these key challenges: 1) Identification of corrosion products in PEMWEs during operation 2) Methods to distinguish contributions to potential losses upon ageing 3) New, lower cost surface treatments and materials for anode backin g and bipolar plates By combining fundamental electrochemical knowledge of PEMWEs developed at NTNU with 40 years' experience with fluorine chemistry at SINTEF and the system know-how attained at Hydrogen Technologies, a robust approach is taken to addre ss the major obstacles for PEMWE commercialisation. By including Hytrec AS as technology user, field tests will be realised providing highly valuable results as input for development of next generation PEMWE technology. Thus, the consortium includes key p artners which altogether represent a unique combination of competence, experience and know-how. The project will be of 3 years' duration and include the education of 1 PhD-student. The work will be carried out by NTNU and SINTEF with scientific interacti on with industrial partners. SINTEF will be the project responsible partner. Results will include 3-4 publications in international referee journals as well as talks at international conferences.


ENERGIX-Stort program energi