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ENERGIX-Stort program energi

Advanced MOFs for Hydrogen Storage in Cryo-adsorption Tanks

Tildelt: kr 2,8 mill.

The following work tasks have been defined in the Norwegian part of the project: 1. Measurement and development of models for predicting the basic material quantities. Of particular interest to the Norwegian group are the thermophysical and flow related properties (e.g effective thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity, density, porosity and permeability, as well as the kinetc properties). 2. Development of a simulation tool for hydrogen storage tanks, predicting the transient heat and mass transfer coupled with the material kinetic properties. The outcome of this will form the basis of defining and developing internal heat exchanger surfaces and cooling systems enabling e.g. fast filling of storage tanks. 3. Experimental validation. Selected mater ials will be tested experimentally in a relatively large (ca 9 l) cryo-storage tank, where flow, pressure and temperature distribution is mapped. Internal heat exchanger surface geometries can be fitted inside to optimize the tank behavior. Experimental d ata will be used to validae the simulation tools. The joint effort from the 3 partnmers in this project will provide unique information regarding MOFs, their characteristics and behavior as applied to hydrogen storage applications. The results and networ k resulting from this cooperative effort will be used in establishing a larger project within EUs 7th frame program.


ENERGIX-Stort program energi