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PSYKISK-Psykisk helse

Depression in adolescence. Precursors and developmental pathways from 18 months to 18 years.

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2008 - 2011

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The purpose of the project is to identify precursors, early predictors and developmental pathways to symptoms of depression in adolescence. We will also investigate gender differences related to development of mental health. The proposed project is base d on a longitudinal, prospective population study that follows children from 18 months to 18 years, with 8 waves of data collection. In spite of numerous studies on anxiety and depression in children and adolescents, the early initial age of the childre n, as well as newer and more sophisticated statistical methods, makes it possible to extend our knowledge substantially on important areas; 1) early precursors and developmental pathways of depression, 2) early predictors and the impact of changes in pred ictors across childhood, 3) interaction between predictors and moderating and mediating mechanisms, and 4) the interplay between gender and predictors of symptoms of depression. Knowledge about early symptom characteristics is especially useful in Norwa y, since almost all children visit local public health clinics regularly for control visits during the first years of life. This offers health workers a unique opportunity for early intervention when confronted with the first signs of mental problems. The project will contribute to new information about precursors, gender specific developmental pathways, and mechanisms underlying negative development. The results will facilitate early detection of risk groups, before problems turn chronic. Thus, findings will indicate areas in which preventive actions should be implemented.


PSYKISK-Psykisk helse