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PSYKISK-Psykisk helse

Network for Psychiatric Epidemiology. Causes and consequences of mental disorders

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2009 - 2014

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Network for Psychiatric Epidemiology (NEPE) is a Norwegian network for mental health epidemiology aiming to run and facilitate research projects on causes and consequences of mental disorders. The present project will take advantage of the research possi bilities nearly unique for Norway by employing linkages between large health surveys and comprehensive national registries of relevant outcomes. Such quality data allow for employing novel research designs onto the causes and consequences of mental disord ers. In accordance with this main objective, we aim for two PhD projects and one post doc project with focus on the following research questions: PhD project 1: Is foetal growth retardation a risk factor for development of dementia? This project will pr imarily employ birth records of unique quality considering that they were established early last century. Information on birth weight gathered from these archives will be used as exposure data, linked to outcome data gathered from wards diagnosing dementi a cases. PhD project 2: Does postpartum depression have long-term consequences for mental health and academic/social functioning in offspring in their late adolescence? The project will employ a linkage between data on mothers mental health gathered fro m the HUNT I health survey (1984-86) merged to the young-HUNT health studies in 1997-2000. Post doc project: The role of mental health in work-related disability. Issues relating to under-treatment, medically unexplained symptoms, fibromyalgia, health- consequences of disability pension award, and cross-cultural differences. The project will primarily use population-based Norwegian data in linkages with comprehensive official registries of mortality and work-related disability. The project will stre ngthen the productive research group NEPE, and will allow the group to arrange annual Norwegian network meetings to facilitate collaboration and recruitment of researchers to psychiatric epidemiology.


PSYKISK-Psykisk helse