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SUP-NHD-Strategiske UoH-progr.fin.NHD

The Norway-China cooperation project on Underwater Acoustic Monitoring and Communication

Tildelt: kr 4,6 mill.

The objective of this project is to strengthen the cooperation between China and Norway through collaborative research on underwater acoustic monitoring and communication along two parallel paths: acoustic remote sensing of marine environment for seabed c haracterization, and applied signal processing for marine observation and underwater communication. These two paths offer key developments that complement ongoing research on marine technology in Norway. The research along the first path is acoustic remot e sensing for seabed characterization, which is a crucial component in applications of marine environment. Such characterization relies on acoustic and seismic techniques where the concept of model-based inversion is central. The accuracy of the models di rectly influences the accuracy of the characterization and today's state of the art still uses simplified models. In order to accurately estimate the seabed properties, a robust forward model, inversion algorithm data analysis strategies are required. Fur thermore, the forward model and the inversion need to be based on a thorough understanding of the physical phenomena related to the particular applications. A central problem is to use an efficient, yet accurate forward model in such inversion. The second path aims at marine observation and underwater communication. This research path includes the development of a novel array processing technique for target detection and localization and the development of MIMO communication solutions. These developments will facilitate the gathering of high-quality data from a broad spectrum of platforms for observation and monitoring of the marine ecosystem. Four core subjects for the project are defined: 1. Efficient and accurate forward model for model-based inversion 2. Methods for data analysis and optimization for seabed characterization 3. Array processing technique for target detection and localization 4. MIMO based acoustic communication for improved performance


SUP-NHD-Strategiske UoH-progr.fin.NHD